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Workforce Wellness

GMGHNJ Workforce Wellness responds to the needs of local, county, and small business to deliver evidence-based information to empower employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The health and wellness of employees has a direct effect on employers and their business. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce and is vital to a healthy community. For additional information, please download our brochure (1MB PDF) or contact

The facts

What can be done?

Empowering employees with skills

The goal is for employees to live longer, healthier lives by:

Program participants have:

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Success Stories!

"I shared with my family about healthier habits."

"I started wearing a pedometer everyday and try to add extra steps. Now I work-out three days a week."

"I definitely look at labels better and try harder to purchase 'Jersey Fresh' produce."

"I have increased my level of physical activity by walking every night after dinner for a mile, parking far away in parking lots, and taking the stairs whenever possible."

"I joined a gym and now pack various fruits for lunch."

"I am eating a healthier diet, buying more fresh produce now, and preparing foods in a healthier way."