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Mile Equivalents

Activity Actual
Recorded Miles
Walking, stroll (2 mph) 30 minutes = 1 mile
Walking, typical pace (3 mph) 30 minutes = 1.5 miles
Walking, brisk (4 mph) 30 minutes = 2 miles
Running (5.5 mph) 1 mile = 1 mile
Cycling/Mountain Biking
(13 mph)
7 miles = 1 mile
Spinning 30 minutes = 2 miles
Aerobics (moderate intensity) 30 minutes = 1 mile
Stairmaster (moderate intensity) 15 minutes = 1 mile
Roller Blading 3 miles = 1 mile
Swimming (30 yards/min) 1 mile = 1 mile
Garden, digging 30 minutes = 2.5 miles
Garden, push mowing 30 minutes = 2.25 miles
Garden, raking 30 minutes = 1 mile
Garden, planting 30 minutes = 1.5 miles
Dancing, moderate to rapid 20 minutes = 1 mile

The exercise values have been estimated by average caloric burn for a 150 lb. person exercising at moderate intensity levels for 30 minutes. The primary goal of Walk New Jersey Point-to-Point is to encourage people to participate in regular activity to increase overall health.

The exercise equivalents were developed so participants who enjoy activities in addition to walking can log credit for those different activities. These are estimates. You may log 1 mile for 20 minutes of any exercise that makes you breathe hard and sweat. You may log 1 mile for 15 minutes of any continuous exercise that makes you breathe very hard and perspire heavily.

You may add up 10 minute segments of continuous activity that makes you breathe hard and sweat.

2,000 steps measured with a pedometer = 1 mile.

Walkers may wear their pedometer all day and report their total miles for the day by dividing their steps by 2,000.

Although competition with others is an excellent motivator, we encourage people to participate in Walk New Jersey Point-to-Point to enjoy the many benefits of exercise.

Developed by Kirstin Brekken-Shea, Texas A&M University Health and Kinesiology Department.