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Physical Activity

The Importance of Physical Activity

Every person can be active and improve physical capabilities. Getting in shape requires time and the right amount of effort. Being fit requires doing physical activities that will improve endurance, flexibility, and strength. People who are active are healthier, feel better, and perform better in school, work and daily activities.

While doing physical activities, it is important that you exert the correct amount of effort for your current level of fitness. For adults, it is generally recommended to do physical activities on most days of the week. Children should be active for at least one hour everyday to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can break up the hour into several shorter periods of physical activities throughout the day. Not everyone starts at the same level but everyone should include certain elements in their physical activity routine. These include warm-up, stretching, exercise activity, and cool down.

When beginning any physical activity routine, it is important that you start slowly and participate in activities that you enjoy. Soon you will realize how good you feel which will make fitting physical activities into your daily schedule seem like less of a chore.

Make sure you check with your physician first before starting any physical activity program.

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