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From Our Farms

From our Farms is a fun program that helps families and teachers bring the topics of food, nutrition, and local agriculture to life for children.

From our Farms uses hands-on activities and family literacy projects to teach children (ages 3-8) about nutrition and local agriculture. The activities featured in this program also help prepare children for school by emphasizing math, reading, writing, and cognitive development. From our Farms is a fun way for families and groups to spend time together, learn together and explore together.

Start your From our Farms journey right here with our monthly Fun Food Project!

Join us each month to experience a new From our Farms adventure--take a trip to a farm market, read a special storybook, grow a vegetable--even if you don't have a garden, whip up a tasty new food with Jersey Fresh produce or go on a food adventure--right in your living room.

It's fun for parents, kids, home-schooled children and teachers.

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