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Screen Time

Many of today's conveniences and necessities of life make use of technology that requires spending time in front of a screen-large or small. It's not just the television screen. We use computers as part of work, as an educational tool to get the latest information on topics of interest, as a source of entertainment for streaming movies, downloading music, and staying connected through social networking. Our cell phones and game consoles also perform many of the same functions. We even encounter screens at the check-out line while shopping or purchasing a car wash at an automated establishment. Technology is great, but also contributes to people becoming more sedentary as the amount of time spent focusing on the screen increases. A sedentary lifestyle, one where you are not physically active, puts you at greater risk for poor physical and mental health.

Although it may be difficult to eliminate all screen time, decreasing the amount of time you spend on the screen and using some of that time to be more physically active is one giant step toward improving your health. Small movements like wiggling your toes, stretching your arms and legs, doing neck rolls while sitting at your desk, or full body activities like walking, dancing, swimming helps you to feel good. Your body was made to move, so use it and have fun!

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