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Cooking With Kids

Kids can be a helpful part of the cooking process! There are lots of educational and fun ways to involve kids with cooking including:

Involving your kids in the kitchen is a great way for you to teach them about food safety, measuring, and being healthy. Cooking can also help children to build skills that will teach them to be healthy, safe, and can boost their self-confidence.

Give Young Cooks Constant Supervision

Children have short attention spans. Give them quick, simple jobs, and give instructions one at a time. Children get excited and forget. Repeat directions as often as needed. Expect spills and messes.

Pick the Right Recipes

Choose recipes that are not "measurement restrictive." In other words the recipe won't be ruined if measurements are not perfectly exact. This will keep your stress level lowered about your kids messing up the recipe.

Let Them Help Where They Can

Take larger cooking projects and break them into small kid-sized tasks. This will keep children interested. If they do leave before the project is finished they still feel that they've achieved something and done their part.

Use Kid-Friendly Tools

Have a supply of kid-friendly tools that are safe and easy for little hands to use. For liquids, use glass or plastic cups with a pouring spout. Show them how to read the measurements at eye level. Plastic cutting boards seem to work the best.

Used with permission from the University of Maryland.